Characteristics of the MALT
for the PORRIDGE

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Version April 4th 2022

Malt is a germinated cereal. The "malt for the porridge" is dried, ground and sifted malt. It looks like a flour.

The "malt for the porridge " has the ability to quickly liquefy the thick, hot porridge.

Cereals which can be used to prepare the "malt for the porridge" can be red or white sorghum, corn, millet, paddy rice or other germinated seeds.


  • - Amylases, alfa and béta.
  • - Dextrines, maltose, iso-maltose and other short-chain carbohydrates,
  • - Saccharose (sucrose), glucose, fructose,
  • - Proteins.
  • - Vitamines ( B1- B2- PP ) et Minerals ( Potassium, phosphorus, magnésium…)

Because malt can quickly liquefy the porridge,
It is included at the top of the bag


The amylasique quality of the malt that is enclosed is measured according to its ability to liquefy the porridge. Each manufacturer must check the malt's efficiency. When the bags of BAMiSA are inspected yearly, the measurement of the liquefaction allows us to estimate more exactly the amylasique quality of the malt.

The proportion amyloses/amylopectines of the starch is variable depending on the species, variety and the maturity of the cereal. These variations can explain the difference of the viscosity from one porridge to the next. If the liquefaction is not sufficient, it may be necessary to increase the quantity of malt added to the porridge until the proper viscosity is reached.


The germinated seeds used to prepare the malt cannot be sterilized by heating as this would destroy the enzymes amylases. Therefore, great care must be taken during the malt's preparation to avoid contamination.

Because the quantities of malt used in the preparation is very small, the possibility of bacterial contamination is minor, no more than that of the general environment. However if the porridge is not consumed immediately, it must be reheated to boiling before it is eaten.


A small bag (8 to 10 g) of "malt for the porridge" is enclosed at the top of every bag of flour. Packaging the malt in small ziplock bags facilitates its use.

The " malt for the porridge " can be used in all starchy porridges made of
 cereal or tubers.

The " malt for the porridge " can be used as a "product" in and of itself and
 may be distributed or sold separately.


F. Laurent