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The BAMISA® flour is an enriched flour, precooked, composed of cereal and fatty legumes. It is high in protein content, in particular lysine, and high in lipid content.

The raw materials come from the local agriculture.

The development follows the guidelines of the Codex Alimentarius CAC/GL 08-1991 on «formulated supplementary foods for older infants and young children». Microbiological specifications for quality expertise take into account Codex CAC/RCP 21-1979 on «dehydrated products requiring heating before consumption».


Roasted pearl millet* or corn   : 60 % or 6 volumes Sugar              : 9 %
Roasted Soybean                     :  20 % or 2 volumes iodized salt       : < 1 %.
Roasted Peanuts                      : 100 % or 1 volume    

* From a nutritional aspect, pearl millet is better than corn or sorghum

NUTRITIONAL VALUE (by 100 gram of flour) :

Proteins ≥ 15 g            Lipids   ≥ 11 g          Carbohydrates  63 g ± 3 g
Moisture  < 5 g            Minerals ≤ 3 g
Calorie content ≥  425 Kcal   (≥  1775 KJoules)

MINERAL CONTENTS (by 100 gram of flour)
 (According food composition tables)

iron : 10 mg Calcium : 100 mg Phosphorus : 260 mg
Zinc :   6 mg Copper : 0,57 mg Magnesium : 110 mg  

The addition of vitamins and minerals is possible to obtain a ‘’fortified flour”.


  • The BAMiSA® flour is packaged in 500 gram, strong and hermetically sealed polyethylene bags (62µm). A small bag of 8 gram of ‘’ malt to liquefy the porridge’’ is included in a separate compartment at the top of the bag.
  • Front: The BAMiSA® logo, Ingredients, Composition and Recommendations for use.
  • Back: Drawing explaining the recipe for the preparation of the porridge, Producer identifiers.
  • The product is good during six months from the date of manufacture.
  • Sold at cost price. Prices may vary according to the place of production


A 500 gram bag of BAMiSA flour provides about 2 125 kcal and makes it possible to prepare 8.3 bowls of 200 ml of porridge, each 250 Kcal.


BAMiSA® Flour is produced under the direction of workshops who have signed


BAMiSA® is a registered trademark (I.N.P.I. and  O.A.P.I.) in classes 5 and 30

(Baby food and preparations made of cereal).

BAMiSA® flour production is one aspect of the BAMiSA Project