The Recipe for
«  Liquefied Concentrated Porridge »



version 18/05/2021

Preparing a Liquefied Concentrated Porridge (LCP) consists in putting together « a lot of flour » and « a little water », and then liquefying the thick porridge without diluting it.

It is the "1+2+3 Recipe" :  1 volume of flour is cooked in 2 volumes of water, then 3 pinches of malt are added to the thick and warm porridge.
The liquefaction of thick porridges prepared with fatty compound flour such as BAMiSA flour enables the preparation of porridges containing high protein-energetic density, having a nutritional value up to 3 to 4 times higher than ordinary porridges. LCPs meet the Public Health objective which is to fight child malnutrition with local resources.

       It is easy to liquefy thick porridges with malt or with another local amylase (mother’s milk or saliva). This document enables health workers, animators in the 'Maquis Bébés' BAMiSA, Moms to explain and pass down to their families the "1+2+3 Recipe" during nutritional education sessions and in the schools. It is presented through pictures:

  • -The Preparation of concentrated porridge,
  • Its Liquefaction,
  • Various situations of the consumption of liquefied porridge,
  • -The ‘’1+2+3 Recipe’’ as theme of Nutritional Education.

Documents 04 of the  website gives further information on the liquefaction of porridges.

1° - Preparation -

Prepare a concentrated porridge by mixing

 - A lot of flour
 - A little water 

Wardogo Burkina Faso 2014

Wardogo Burkina Faso 2014

Wardogo Burkina Faso 2014

volume of flour

volume of water

pour this mixture in
volume of water
which has been set to boil.


2° - Preparation -

Cook briefly

Wardogo Burkina Faso 2014

Cook until the porridge is nice and thick.


3°  - Liquefaction -

Liquefy the porridge
either in the cooking pot,

Wardogo Burkina Faso 2014

Wardogo Burkina Faso 2014

Let cool a bit
before mixing the malt

…The porridge liquefies itself.

A video show the lIquefaction process. On Document 05a 1  website.

4° - Liquefaction -

Liquefy the porridge

Either in each of the children's bowls. 

Burkina Faso 2008

Tambacounda Sénégal 2013

Distribute the warm thick porridge

Then add in each bowl,

  •  - 3 pinches of malt,
  •  - or a little of mother’s milk,
  •  - or stir with a spoon made wet with mother’s saliva.


 - Liquefaction -

Beneficial effect of the malt on the porridge


Koupéla Burkina Faso 2014

Thick porridge, before adding 3 pinches of malt .

The same porridge, one or two minutes after the action of the malt.  

5°  - Consumption -

The porridge is liquid enough to be consumed  quickly and completely    

Koupéla Burkina Faso 2014

Wardogo Burkina Faso 2014

Dagana Sénégal 2013

Child can drink the porridge (from 4 months)

Liquefied porridge can be
 given with a syringe

 6° - Consumption -

At home or at a ‘’Maquis Bébé’’   

Wardogo Burkina Faso 2014

Distribution of the porridge in a 'Community catering center for children' (Maquis Bébés)

 7° - Nutritional Education -

This recipe is to be taught to mothers
so that they can teach it to other moms (Peer educators).

Koumogo Tchad 2017


8° - Nutritional Education -

A really informative labelling,
as the one on the BAMiSA flour bags,
also plays an important educational role.

Text and drawings at the back of 
the normalized bags of BAMiSA® flour.

Other teaching materials are available in Document 05h


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